Benefits of Cleaning Floors Regularly

Benefits of cleaning floors regularly

Cleaning is undeniably tasking, and sometimes frustrating. But when you’re done cleaning, and you get to sit down and absorb the glow in the environment, you’d definitely smile at yourself and agree that it was worth the stress. No matter how careful you try to be as a human, dirt manages to find its way into your home, and when it does, cleaning becomes inevitable to take it out.

Even with amazingly expensive furniture, beautiful interior decors, quality facility, and nice artifacts to behold in an apartment, mall, supermarket, the museum, or your office, if you leave your floor unattended to, or not properly cleaned and oozing an offensive smell, it will attract attention to itself. To ensure floors are effectively clean, good soaps, disinfectants,s and knowledge of the material or agents that would suit the type of floor surface you want to clean are extremely important.

You don’t want a situation where visitors enter your home for the first time, and the first sight that greets their eyes is the stained, dirty, and untidy floor. That might paint a bad image of you regardless of how much effort you have put into other aspects of your home. While cleaning floors, it is important to raise any obstacle easy to move so you’re able to reach every area, including the hidden parts of the room.

Sweep or vacuum clean every inch of the floor, then mop appropriately with a liquid wash, disinfectant, and water. Also, prioritize maintaining the cleaning equipment because using dirty tools will defeat the main purpose of cleaning the floors in the first place.

Keeping your floors clean is a big deal, and to a very large extent, it is necessary. Regardless of whether your floors are Timber, Vinyl, carpet, Porcelain or ceramic tiles, or any other surface for that matter, you can’t go wrong with cleaning. It is best to clean your floors regularly, as that will leave a good impression on friends, prospective clients, and even business partners. There are several benefits of cleaning the floor of your home or office.

Why you should clean your floors regularly

  • A clean, conducive, and healthy environment:  Your home cannot look attractive or organized with the floor soiled with liquids and remnant from food or the kids’ toys scattered around. One would have to count his/her steps and carefully move around to avoid slipping or even getting injured.

Regular cleaning, scrubbing, and mopping keeps the floor literally cleaner and shiny, leaving everyone happy, refreshed, and lively. People appreciate a clean home or workplace, and there’s a feeling of satisfaction when an environment is generally clean. It’s almost impossible to see a busy organization where there are no cleaners,  and one of their main jobs is to standby and ensure the floors are cleaned at intervals. This is because, while dirt is inevitable, you have a duty to provide a conducive environment.

By removing stains, dust, and dirt from the floors regularly you create a clean workspace which can, in turn, create room for productivity even among your staff.

  • A Positive Impression: I hinted earlier that the first thing people notice when they enter a place is the floor. Their eyes focus on the floor as they walk on it, and if it is dirty, stained, unkempt, or oozing an offensive odor, it’s a turn-off and people will be totally uncomfortable staying there for long.

It would look unprofessional if a supermarket I choose to shop for groceries has spilled water, drinks or soup stains, or even used papers and receipts scattered everywhere on the floor. There’s no way I would feel comfortable walking in. I’ll definitely walk away, and find somewhere else to shop unless there’s no other choice.

  • Safety: Clean floors not only look good but have a way of ensuring the safety of anyone who goes in. Imagine floors smeared with liquids or slimy substances. This might lead to slips which can cause hard falls and serious injuries.

In homes where there are little children, ensuring the floors are clean on a regular basis is mandatory. Crawling babies especially drag around the house, pick things from the floor, and put them straight into their mouths. Therefore, it is even more important to wipe floors with a mild disinfectant to kill the germs as often as possible.  The inflow and outflow of people in many homes and offices create an avenue for germs and bacteria to spread, especially in banks and hospitals. This can lead to the spread of illnesses and diseases.

The majority of people spend time together in the workplace, which makes it crucial to keep floors and surfaces thoroughly and regularly cleaned and disinfected to ensure people are safe and kept in a positive mood.

Dust and dirt that enter the house come through the shoes of residents or guests. Using doormats may reduce such amounts of dirt and dust, but it doesn’t prevent it entirely. This is why cleaning is important.

Finally, it would make sense to add that while cleaning, you could burn calories, and that is a benefit too. Also, it could be a way of transferring aggression. Most times when I am angry and need to vent, I channel that energy to the dust and dirt by cleaning and scrubbing the entire floor in my house. You could try that too. You don’t get to break things and you get yourself clean floors.

The Benefits of Non-toxic Cleaning

The Benefits of Non-toxic Cleaning

There’s a refreshing feeling you get in sparkling clean homes or offices. Who doesn’t love it? Studies have also shown that cleanliness is important for healthy living. Cleaning your home is absolutely key in maintaining a safe, fresh, healthy and most importantly attractive home or office. This keeps pests and diseases far from your dwelling, ensuring you and your loved ones are safe.

In all of these, we have learnt to also pay attention to the materials we use for cleaning. Over the years, there has been a push to move from toxic to non-toxic cleaning practices. There are some individuals who make a case for toxic cleaning, especially in a bid to exterminate germs and diseases in homes and offices. However, it is impossible to deny the consequences of such actions and why non-toxic cleaning methods are fast becoming a trend.

Here are a few benefits associated with the use of non-toxic cleaning methods;

  1. Non-toxic cleaners are suitable for households with children.

Present in most households are playful and curious toddlers who will put almost anything in their mouth! While we can not take away the innate propensity for exploring the most uncommon places from these children, we also cannot risk using toxic chemicals in cleaning countertops and bathroom walls, where these children can wander to and get contaminated.

Luckily, there are non-toxic cleaning options that are available, and provide a much safer environment for our toddlers to explore their creative side and satisfy their curiousity.

  • Non-toxic cleaners do not contaminate the air in your home.

Unfortunately, most “efficient” cleaners you may get from the store were produced with toxic chemicals and can contaminate the air in your home. Over time, these contamination can lead to several health complications. This is the main reason most cleaning brands often place a warning on their products that reads; “Do not breathe in the fumes”.

Infact, the United States Environmental Protection Agency reports that the quality of air in our homes can be 5 times more polluted than the air outside their homes. Non-toxic cleaners, however, are safer, effective and will not pollute your home air.

  • Non-toxic cleaners are significantly cheaper.

To maintain a high standard of cleanliness, you do not need to break the bank. The price for most toxic chemicals used in cleaning your home might not seem outrageous at first, until you calculate how frequently you will need these items for cleaning, and the amount you will spend on these chemicals monthly, or even yearly.

Fortunately, most non-toxic cleaners consist of essentially the very same ingredients, except the toxic chemicals, which will significantly make them cost less. These ingredients are very affordable and can be found in any grocery store near you. You may buy the actual finished product or decide on homemade cleaners. Buying them in bulk is also a great way to save money.

  • Non-toxic cleaners are eco friendly.

It is imperative to care for the environment and promote ecological friendliness. Toxic cleaning chemicals are harmful to the environment, causing disruption and damage of the ecological system. Most toxic chemicals are released into the environment during and after use, mostly through air and water contamination. Water treatment plants often find it difficult to properly treat large amounts of these chemical deposits. It can lead to poisoning of wildlife animals and have negative effects on plants and aquatic life.

  • They present fewer health risks

Toxic chemicals for cleaning often present several underlying risks to your health and safety, especially when they are not handled properly. It is often advised you wear protective gear like glasses and overalls in order to protect sensitive areas of your body like your eyes, skin, nose, etc. However, with non-toxic cleaning methods, those risks are significantly reduced as they contain mild ingredients that do not cause harm to your skin or other sensitive organs.


Some of the biggest concerns that are glaring when we think about intensive home and office cleaning revolve around safety. Safety for everyone that might come in contact with the area being cleaned, and safety for the person carrying out the exercise. A lot of the chemicals often used in manufacturing most of these conventional cleaning agents may be harmful to you and the environment.

Despite the impressively clean surfaces these agents leave, the adverse effect they have on people and the environment can be devastating sometimes. That is why more eco-friendly cleaning options should be considered and used as a viable and equally-effective option.

Carpet Cleaning Companies – Maui, Hawaii

The 10 Best Carpet Cleaning Companies On Maui Hawaii

Carpet cleaning is an important part of domestic hygiene and it comes with many benefits. For once, you will be able to get rid of dust, dirt, dust mites, and other allergens from your house. Cleaning also extends the life of your carpet, removing the need to replace it any time soon. If there were any carpet stains, you will quickly and effectively get rid of them. Overall, carpet cleaning will enhance the appearance of your room, without making major changes or incurring huge costs.

To successfully clean your carpet, you need to hire a professional service provider. A local carpet cleaning company will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Enabling you to focus on important things
  • Professionally cleaning your carpet
  • A fast turnaround in terms of work completion
  • Prolonging the life of your carpet
  • Promoting a healthy environment by removing allergens

The following are the 10 best carpet cleaning companies on Maui, Hawaii:

1. CSI Carpet Cleaners Maui

The company has professional staff known to take their work seriously. No matter how dirty your carpet is, they will get it clean within no time. They know how to remove stains, dust, dirt, dog fur, and so on. Additionally, the company also cleans sofas leaving them completely renewed. All of that at a very reasonable price! Many of their former clients have promised to call them again.

2. Nathan Natural Floor Cleaning

If you are looking for a Maui carpet cleaning company with many years of carpet cleaning experience, Nathan Natural Floor Cleaning should be your first choice. It provides services to businesses, residences, vacation rentals, and resorts. In addition to carpets, they clean concrete, wood, tiles, and other types of flooring. The company has a very responsive customer service and will come to your premises in no time to get the job done.

3. Neil’s Carpet Cleaning

Neil’s Carpet Cleaning will show on time without any excuses. Their professional staff will leave you with a clean carpet free of dust, dirt, stains, and dust mites. They also clean tile floors for Maui residents who need it. Compared to other companies in Maui, this particular one is the most affordable. Besides, the truck-mounted cleaning system is very effective.

4. Too Clean Maui

One past client has declared this as “the best carpet cleaning on Maui PERIOD!” The company has the reputation of giving same-day service, as long as you call them early. Did you know you can trust them to do the cleaning while you are away from your home? The company’s price is perhaps the cheapest on the entire island. You would expect such swift service to cost more but it does not.

5. Hawaii Carpet Service

The first thing that will impress you about Hawaii Carpet Service is their excellent customer service. They treat their customers well and arrive on time for cleaning. Using their time-honored method, the company can quickly get rid of any stains you might have caused. You would want to call them another day.

6. Jack’s Carpet Cleaning

One of the clients who has reviewed Jack’s Carpet Cleaning on Yelp is a repeat customer who has used their services “multiple times.” For this particular client, the company’s staff has always arrived on time. The company might not be the cheapest on the island, but it has a reputation for delivering the best services. With them, you should always expect meticulous, professional service.

7. Jordan Services

Jordan services clean carpets and couches for clients all over Maui. In addition to arriving promptly, the company carries out their job professionally, leaving their clients asking for more. They also clean tile floors for clients requiring their services. They will leave every surface they touch looking as good as new to your satisfaction.

8. Badon’s Cleaning Services

Whether you are cleaning your carpets to sell or just spruce up your apartment, Badon’s Cleaning Services will provide you with exactly what you need. The company does a really good job removing dirt stains, pet hair, and unwanted odor. You will appreciate the friendly manner that owners and employees of the company treat their clients. No wonder, they have many repeat customers!

9. Deep Steam Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

If you want your carpet cleaned thoroughly, ask for help from a company that understands their job. Some of this company’s previous clients have said it is “excellent” and capable of leaving your “carpet look(ing) new.” It is owned by Kurt and Betsy, who are husband and wife. Apart from charging competitive prices, they pay greater attention to details, ensuring your carpet gets clean.

10. Maui Carpet Cleaning

You can get same-day services from Maui Carpet Cleaning, as long as you call them early. They will arrive at your home promptly and finish the job within a short time. It doesn’t matter if it is a sauce stain or just some dog fur. The good thing is that you will pay a very minimal price for a carpet that has been restored as good as new. You will have no reason to hire another carpet cleaning company in the future!

Choosing a Carpet Cleaning Company

Now that you know the available carpet cleaning companies, how do you choose the right one? Since you want a company on Maui Island, you have to ascertain that it is has a local office. Evaluate the company’s ability to deliver the required services by asking your friends or family members for referrals. If those close to you know nothing about the company, then you have to check online reviews from past customers.  Make sure the company is capable of providing the best services at the lowest price possible. If you need help locating a service outside of Maui try this directory

After covering the best 10 carpet cleaning companies on Maui, you do not have to look anywhere else. Check our detailed reviews to know the company you can hire to work in your home. We believe you will find a professional cleaning service provider capable of delivering quality services at an affordable price.