Best Attractions On Oahu

if you are looking for a nice island vacation on some exotic place then Oahu is the perfect holiday destination for you. It has probably everything that a passionate tourist wants in a holiday destination, beautiful beaches, historical attractions, parks, museums, shopping malls and restaurants. If you need a guide to Oahu then this article will be useful for you. Below are some of the top five attractions in Oahu. If you visit the Oahu islands then these are the five places that you should definitely not miss.


  1. Honolulu Zoo

Honolulu Zoo is one of the first places most people visit on Oahu. It is the largest zoo in the Hawaiian Islands having a radius of two thousand three hundred miles. The zoo was founded because of the King of Honolulu granted the royal lands to the people of this city. Today it is visited my more than 750 thousand people from every country around the world.


  1. Senator Fong’s Plantation & Gardens

The name of this popular garden was given because it is owned by a former United States Senator Hiram Fong. When you visit this place, you will not be surprised that so many people visit this place every year. It has everything that a nature lover wants, beautiful valleys, fruit and nut trees, plateaus with palms and fragrant flowers and ferns. Spend all day here and you would still want more of it.


  1. The contemporary museum

The Oahu island also has a contemporary museum where you can find exhibitions of art work of some of the greatest contemporary artists. It has a dynamic gift shop and a café where you can just sit and relax. A calm 3.5-acre garden nearby is also a great place to visit in Oahu.


  1. Waikiki aquarium

The Waikiki aquarium is more than one hundred and thirteen-year-old public aquarium in Oahu. Probably one of the oldest in USA. This place features more than two thousand sea animals and plants and of over three hundred different species. You should visit this place for all the living diversity you get to see.


  1. The bishop museum

Visiting the bishop museum will show you the cities rich and fascinating city on display. The place also has some of the finest art collections of the region. This is a place that you should at least have a glimpse of if you do not want to spend an entire day here.