Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning in Oahu

Let us bring new life into your old furniture. Like most people, your furniture probably gets a lot of use. Furniture in the living room or family can tend to get worn very easily. It is after all  the center of your home. Where friends and family gather together to hang out and enjoy each others company. Pets leave fur all over it and kids can spill food and drinks every where. This will cause your furniture to not only stain but also odors can start to build up. Don’t go out and buy new furniture just yet. Have Carpet Cleaners Hawaii‘s partners clean it for you. The process we use to clean furniture is very similar to how we clean carpets. Our techs are trained to clean all types of fabrics and materials. After evaluating the problem areas and determining the texture and delicacy of the materials, our techs will use the proper techniques to get the job done. all while making sure to not damage your furniture. Having your furniture cleaned professionally will ensure all allergens and dirt are removed properly and can help restore color and softness back into them. After ask about out stain protection applications.