Hiking Trails in Aiea

Living in Paradise has many advantages. With great weather, and so many different places to explore, it’s so easy to find something different to do every week. One of the most popular and definitely fun things to do is to go hiking. When we are not out cleaning carpets, one of our favorite trails to hike, is the Aiea Loop Trail.  Located at the Taiea loop trail signop of Aiea Heights drive, inside  Keaiwa Heiau State Park. The Aiea Loop trail consists of a five  mile track that starts and ends in the same place.  It is a considered a moderately difficult trail at times but overall it is safe for pets and families with a little bit older children. Along the trail there are many beautiful and interesting things to see.  As you begin your hike you will see a couple of memorials, one is for a World War 2 bomber that crashed many years ago.  There are remnants of the plane still there for you to explore. As you continue to hike the Aiea trail you will notice many scenic views.  There are some rest areas along the way for you to stop and enjoy the scenery. Be mindful of any signs you may see. It is very easy to end up on a the Aiea Ridge Trail. That is a more difficult and longer trail than you might expect. For those of you with more experience and a little more adventurous, find the junction that will take you to Kalauao Falls. To get to this waterfall you will have to go down some very steep and slippery areas. Make sure you have proper footwear and it is probably not a good idea to bring small children with you here. If you continue down the main trail eventually you will get to the end of the loop. From there the views are breathtaking. aiea-loop-trailThis is a great spot to relax before heading back and also a great place to take some pictures. from here you will be able to see for miles and you will get a birds eye view of the H-3 freeway. The path back takes you down a ways to a different exit point from where you started. This is great hike that will probably take you no more than 2-3 hours. Remember to always dress appropriately and be prepared to get muddy. We also recommend you bring bug spray for you and the kids, but most importantly bring plenty of water. Staying hydrated is a must out there. Be safe and have fun!