Professional Roof Pressure Wash Cleaning

Roof Pressure Washing Cleaning

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Roof pressure washing and cleaning is the process whereby the roof is cleaned of all forms of bacteria and moss such as algae, mould, lichen and mildew. It is a very important part of maintaining your house and since it is the roof, it can be considered one of the most important necessities of maintaining cleanliness in your house.

How exactly is Roof Pressure done?

Roofs are affected by more than just rainwater. Depending on the place of your residence, your house may be attacked by moss and lichens. If you don’t make an effort to rid your roof of these parasites, it may cause problems sooner than later.

Why is it necessary?

Roof Pressure Washing and Cleaning is necessary because it ensures that the lifespan of your roof improves and also looks into the longevity of the functioning of your roof. However, although it is a necessity, keep in mind that it is extremely dangerous and requires extra care and precaution when being done.

Should Pressure washing your roof be considered?

While removing moss and another form of unnecessary debris is of absolute necessity, most companies suggest against Pressure Washing, because they believe that instead of helping to clean the roof, it might lead to extreme damage.

In case you can find no other alternative, you will have to opt for pressure washing, but then be extremely careful. Make sure you take enough precautionary measures when going up to pressure wash your roof. In case you get some company to do it for you, make sure that they are well equipped to do the work at hand and don’t injure or hurt themselves in any way.

Why is Pressure Washing of your roof a bad idea?

Pressure Washing of your roof is considered a bad idea for quite a few reasons. For starters, roofing materials are not made with materials that might have the capability to withstand high levels of water pressure. Thus, when you attempt to pressure wash a roof, some of the following things might surely happen –

  • It hastens the degradation of the materials of the roof up to three times faster than what is considered their usual life expectancy.
  • Pressure washing might lead to damaging of the shingles by uplifting them.
  • It leads to the breakage of the adhesive bond which brings together the shingles.
  • The fabric of the roofing material gets damaged.
  • It manages to completely strip and wash away the granules which serve as a protective granule on the shingles.
  • Pressure washing leads to cracks in the slate, tiles as well as the cedar shaking roof.
  • Pressure washing leads to the spreading of moss as well as other fungi over a small area of your roof as well as leads to water leakage in the interiors of one’s own home.

These damages can lead to serious decaying of the roofs and may lead to leakage of water on the roofs of your home. For more information on  Roof cleaning services in Leeds you can check out the Sky Roof Cleaning website.

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