The Benefits of Non-toxic Cleaning

The Benefits of Non-toxic Cleaning

There’s a refreshing feeling you get in sparkling clean homes or offices. Who doesn’t love it? Studies have also shown that cleanliness is important for healthy living. Cleaning your home is absolutely key in maintaining a safe, fresh, healthy and most importantly attractive home or office. This keeps pests and diseases far from your dwelling, ensuring you and your loved ones are safe.

In all of these, we have learnt to also pay attention to the materials we use for cleaning. Over the years, there has been a push to move from toxic to non-toxic cleaning practices. There are some individuals who make a case for toxic cleaning, especially in a bid to exterminate germs and diseases in homes and offices. However, it is impossible to deny the consequences of such actions and why non-toxic cleaning methods are fast becoming a trend.

Here are a few benefits associated with the use of non-toxic cleaning methods;

  1. Non-toxic cleaners are suitable for households with children.

Present in most households are playful and curious toddlers who will put almost anything in their mouth! While we can not take away the innate propensity for exploring the most uncommon places from these children, we also cannot risk using toxic chemicals in cleaning countertops and bathroom walls, where these children can wander to and get contaminated.

Luckily, there are non-toxic cleaning options that are available, and provide a much safer environment for our toddlers to explore their creative side and satisfy their curiousity.

  • Non-toxic cleaners do not contaminate the air in your home.

Unfortunately, most “efficient” cleaners you may get from the store were produced with toxic chemicals and can contaminate the air in your home. Over time, these contamination can lead to several health complications. This is the main reason most cleaning brands often place a warning on their products that reads; “Do not breathe in the fumes”.

Infact, the United States Environmental Protection Agency reports that the quality of air in our homes can be 5 times more polluted than the air outside their homes. Non-toxic cleaners, however, are safer, effective and will not pollute your home air.

  • Non-toxic cleaners are significantly cheaper.

To maintain a high standard of cleanliness, you do not need to break the bank. The price for most toxic chemicals used in cleaning your home might not seem outrageous at first, until you calculate how frequently you will need these items for cleaning, and the amount you will spend on these chemicals monthly, or even yearly.

Fortunately, most non-toxic cleaners consist of essentially the very same ingredients, except the toxic chemicals, which will significantly make them cost less. These ingredients are very affordable and can be found in any grocery store near you. You may buy the actual finished product or decide on homemade cleaners. Buying them in bulk is also a great way to save money.

  • Non-toxic cleaners are eco friendly.

It is imperative to care for the environment and promote ecological friendliness. Toxic cleaning chemicals are harmful to the environment, causing disruption and damage of the ecological system. Most toxic chemicals are released into the environment during and after use, mostly through air and water contamination. Water treatment plants often find it difficult to properly treat large amounts of these chemical deposits. It can lead to poisoning of wildlife animals and have negative effects on plants and aquatic life.

  • They present fewer health risks

Toxic chemicals for cleaning often present several underlying risks to your health and safety, especially when they are not handled properly. It is often advised you wear protective gear like glasses and overalls in order to protect sensitive areas of your body like your eyes, skin, nose, etc. However, with non-toxic cleaning methods, those risks are significantly reduced as they contain mild ingredients that do not cause harm to your skin or other sensitive organs.


Some of the biggest concerns that are glaring when we think about intensive home and office cleaning revolve around safety. Safety for everyone that might come in contact with the area being cleaned, and safety for the person carrying out the exercise. A lot of the chemicals often used in manufacturing most of these conventional cleaning agents may be harmful to you and the environment.

Despite the impressively clean surfaces these agents leave, the adverse effect they have on people and the environment can be devastating sometimes. That is why more eco-friendly cleaning options should be considered and used as a viable and equally-effective option.

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